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Ocumetics Continues to Meet Significant Development Milestones; Lens Design Optimized for Upcoming First in Human Study


Calgary, Alberta September 18, 2023. Ocumetics Technology Corp. (‘ Ocumetics ‘) ( TSXV:OTC) (OTC:OTCFF) (FRA:2QBO), a pioneer in in the field of ophthalmic innovation, proudly confirms a remarkable achievement in the optimization of its vision correction technology – the Ocumetics Accommodating Lens. Through rigorous research and development efforts over the past two years, Ocumetics has modified its lens design five times, ultimately arriving at its groundbreaking final lens configuration version 10.5. Lens version 10.5 has been tested in vitro and in an animal model, and will be used in Ocumetics’ upcoming human clinical trials.

This achievement is a testament to Ocumetics’ persistence and unwavering commitment to delivering the most advanced and efficient vision correction solution possible. The optimization process has been conducted with a meticulous focus on quality and performance, ensuring that the upcoming first-in-human study, anticipated to commence in Q1 2024 in the Dominican Republic, will benefit from the most advanced technology available.

Dr. Garth Webb, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Ocumetics, emphasized the importance of this achievement, stating, ‘Entering the first-in-human study with an optimized lens design is paramount to our mission. We have relentlessly pursued excellence to ensure that our technology offers the best possible vision correction experience for patients.’

Dean Burns, President and CEO of Ocumetics, highlighted the company’s innovative culture, saying, ‘Our success in optimizing the lens design underscores our dedication to understanding the needs of patients and listening to our valued investigators and advisors. This iterative process reflects our commitment to delivering on our promise of enhanced vision.’

Dean Burns adds, ‘Ocumetics remains at the forefront of vision correction technology research and is dedicated to transforming the lives of individuals worldwide. The achievement of a final configuration of the Ocumetics Accommodating Lens version 10.5 marks a significant milestone in the company’s relentless pursuit of excellence, and was made possible by the ability of our extraordinary team to quickly develop exceptional solutions for all product design challenges encountered.’

About Ocumetics

Ocumetics Technology Corp. ( TSXV: OTC) (OTCQB: OTCFF) (FRA: 2QBO), headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is an innovator in the field of ophthalmic technology, dedicated to developing and commercializing advanced vision correction solutions that enhance the quality of life for individuals worldwide.

Ocumetics is in the preclinical study stage of a game-changing technology for the ophthalmic industry. In its pursuit of a next generation interocular lens solution, Ocumetics has developed the Ocumetics Accommodating Lens, an expandable intraocular lens that fits within the natural lens compartment of the eye potentially to eliminate the need for corrective lenses. It is designed to allow the eye’s natural muscle activity to seamlessly shift focus from distance to intermediate to near.


Dean Burns Dayton Marks

President and CEO Director

(817) 874-7564 (778) 347-2500

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